When All We Find are Walls

For 20 small loudspeakers, microphone, projector, live computer processing
By Erik Parr (Reykjavik) and Michael McCrea (Seattle)

25.-27.03 – Sat.
Thurs-Fri 14: – 18:00, Sat 14:-20:00
Hverfisgata 34

When All We Find are Walls is a real-time sound feedback and architectural video system which takes the gallery and it’s visitors to a zone of indiscernability. The installation space creates a presence which is continuously departing as it is absorbed, stretched and scattered through time. Swells of sound-masses fill the space with a murmur of words, echoes, and textures composed of sounds and moments distantly familiar. What emerges is a living document of a place and those passing through it, continually evolving and shifting in a “reverberating web of after, before, yesterday, meanwhile, now…”


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