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About S.L.Á.T.U.R.

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S.L.Á.T.U.R. is a composer collective centered in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since 2005 its members have been working on various types of experiments. These include animated notation using computer graphics, interactivity, various experiments with sounds and tunings, performance art and the development of limited and isolated musical universes. The members share ideas and methods freely while the final results are usually independent efforts.




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Collaboration plays an important role in creating all sorts of events, the collective hosts several concerts a year. For instance an annual festival called Sláturtíð (since 2009), New Years Concert (since 2007), The Trial for the Tripe (since 2009), participation in the Raflost Festival (since 2008) and bi-annual activites such as Composition Week and Summer Solstice Concert.



314909_2008318003132_1099141720_31824372_740540320_n                                 Páll Ivan - Fossgerði [2008]



The organisation has hosted a monthly informal concert series and a weekly social gathering for people interested in various issues in the field of the artistically obtrusive. At one point it also held bi-weekly score reading gatherings (known as the right-wing) and Nördic (or nerdic) evenings (known as the left wing).



picture 12                                Skúlptúr #3 - Leikvöllurinn



In recent years recitals consisting specifically of S.L.Á.T.U.R. material have been held in Berlin, New York, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Princeton University,  Gothenburg, Oslo, Århus, Ålborg, Malmö, Istanbul and Volgovgrad. It’s been featured prominently in the Tectonics  music festival in Reykjavík (2012-2015) and Glasgow (2014). Many of the composers that have been active in the organisation have had performances around the world and the BBC Scottish Symphony did a concert in October 2014 that featured works by 6 Icelandic composers 5 of which had some affiliation with S.L.Á.T.U.R..



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Slátur is loosely and informally affiliated with various other initiatives in Reykjavík and elsewhere, including the ensembles Fengjastrútur and Skmendanikka, the concert series Jaðarber and Hljóðön, and has received tremendous support from the Reykjavík Art Museum, the Icelandic National Radio (Rúv), the Iceland Symphony Orchestra via the Tectonics Festival, the Icelandic Ministry of Culture Science and Education and Útón.


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In 2009 the organisation released the CD Hefti 1/Volume 1. Up until recently little material has been available on recordings that represents the organisation as a whole although soon this will be subject to change.




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If you have any questions or inquiries you are free to send us a message at slatur [(((with in internet speak)))] slatur dot is






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The overall objective of the organization is to very gradually develop an entirely new culture.







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