Fengjastrútur is an ensemble which specializes in performing pieces that call for peculiar tasks or performance methods. This might include the reading of animated score, various forms of graphic notation, notation that is hard to decipher, text-based compositions etc. The works might be theatrical, conceptual, improvisatory or all or none of these. The instrumentation of the group is open and members tend to find a way to do whatever the pieces ask for. Most members play more than one instrument and are ready to play found objects, climb ropes, set up water slides, meditate for hours prior to a performance or whatever the pieces ask for. The ensemble has performed music by Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff, Nam June Paik, Ben Vautier, Takehisa Kosugi Stine Sörlie, Ryan Ross Smith and various members of the S.L.Á.T.U.R. collective.

The name of the group is the name of a mountain in an unreleased novel. Once its been released everyone will understand the reference and know what it means.

Events 2013-2014

October 19th 2013
Performance at Sláturtíð 2013 - Concert at Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús in collaboration with the composer Daniel Corral.
Performing works by
    Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir

April 2014
Collaborating with the composers Alvin Lucier, Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram - TBA

Events 2012-2013

October 24th and 26 2012
Performance at Sláturtíð 2012 - Concert at Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús

November 24th 2012
Pauline Oliveros portrait concert in collaboration with Jaðarber - music series

February 3rd 2013
Fengjastrútur & Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra perform György Kurtág's Quasi una fantasia at Dark Music Days 2013 festival in Harpa - Northern Light Hall

February 27th 2013
Fengjastrútur performs Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir's piece lohanimalia at Jaðarber concert

March 27th 2013
Fengjastrútur performs music with/by Kunsu Shim and Gerard Stäbler - at Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús

April 20th 2013
Tectonics music festival in Harpa, Concert Hall - Performing works of Christian Wolff and Pauline Oliveros. See further information here

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